Top 1000 global pharmaceutical companies are released, China has 208


Recently, the global investment bank Torreya released the “Global Top 1000 Pharmaceutical Companies Report”. The report conducted a tracking study of 30,000 pharmaceutical companies around the world since 2012, and finally released the TOP1000 ranking list based on valuation. The total valuation of these 1,000 companies reached 1.24 trillion US dollars.

Among these 1,000 companies, China alone has 208. Hengrui ranks 21st in the world and is also the only domestic company that has entered the global TOP25. China already occupies an important position in the global pharmaceutical field.

Hengrui, Hausen, CSPC break through

Hengrui’s valuation has increased from US$279 million in 2003 to US$69 billion today, an increase of 250 times, making its global ranking rise from last year’s 30th to 21st. It is also the only Chinese drug that has broken into the top 25 in the world. Enterprise.

Hausen Pharmaceuticals is valued at US$26 billion, ranking 37th in the world. In the field of tumor segmentation, Hausen Pharmaceutical ranks 14th, next to Hengrui and Qilu.

With an annual revenue of US$5.3 billion and a market value of US$35 billion, CSPC ranks 30th among the top 1,000 pharmaceutical companies, up 38 places from the 68 in 2019.

Baekje, Cinda, Junshi, Changchun Hi-tech Advance

Changchun Hi-tech ranks 46th in the world with a valuation of 23 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 76 places from 122 in 2019, which can be described as rapid progress. Jinsai Pharmaceutical belongs to its controlling backbone pharmaceutical company. Jinsai Pharmaceutical’s growth hormone almost monopolizes the national market, and this domestic market has a huge space, which will exceed 10 billion in 2020.

With a valuation of US$20 billion, BeiGene is the most shining star of a rising star in China’s innovative pharmaceutical companies. Zebutinib was listed at the end of 2019, achieving zero breakthroughs in the overseas listing of Chinese anti-cancer drugs. It is really proud to take Sinopharm overseas and across the Pacific. . This time the global ranking is 52, which is a lot higher than the 110 in 2019. In addition, BeiGene plans to start the next decade with its advantages in TIGIT drugs.

Cinda Bio is valued at US$10.5 billion, rapidly rising from 177 in the world in 2019 to 90, ranking 20 in China. 4 products are listed in China, and another 15 products have entered clinical studies.

Junshi Biologics is valued at US$10 billion, ranking 265th compared to last year. In 2020, Longmen jumped to 94th. The development momentum is strong, and the strength should not be underestimated. In the first half of this year, Junshi Biotechnology achieved an operating income of 575 million yuan, an increase of 85.88% year-on-year.

Zhifei, Kangtai, Watson and Hualan make great progress

Zhifei Bio is currently valued at US$31 billion, rising from the 75th place in the world last year to the 32nd place this year. 74% of Zhifei Bio’s revenue comes from the HPV vaccine agent of Merck.

Hualan Biologics ranks 74th in the world with a valuation of USD 13.1 billion, up 62 places from 136 in 2019. As a leading company in blood products and biological products, Hualan Biology does not count as dividends from 2005 to 2020. Its stock price has risen 94 times and its net profit has risen 36 times.

Watson Bio is valued at US$12.5 billion and ranked 77th in the world’s top 1,000 this year, a sharp increase from 150 in 2019. After obtaining the registration approval for the PCV13 vaccine this year, Watson Bio has become one of the few companies that market this vaccine.

Kangtai Biologics is valued at US$17.3 billion, rising from its global ranking of 218 in 2019 to 60 this year.

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