S W E A T I T O U T, Sauna bath


We need to sweat both for detox and immune function balance. Anything that raises your core temperature (exercise, sex, sauna, hot baths, laying in the sun, even fevers. Adult sex toys can be used inside it.) activates heat shock proteins. Heat shock proteins act as cellular chaperones, guarding other proteins from wandering off, disassembling, or folding improperly. They also activate an immune response, identifying cancerous or damaged cells and sounding the alarm.

In regular doses, activating this system can help your immune system function better, be it fighting off a cold or flu, infection, or managing an autoimmune condition. There is evidence that heat shock proteins protect brain cells from aging and degenerating, boost muscle regrowth, maintain glutathione (cellular antioxidant) and increase longevity. Inducing sweating for healing has a long tradition across cultures.

Research confirms that sweating helps detoxify dangerous heavy metals and petrochemicals. A 2011 study published in the Archives of Environmental and Contamination Toxicology found that many toxic elements were preferentially excreted through sweat. The study concluded that inducing sweating is a legitimate method of elimination for many toxic elements in the body.

Local Amaluna patients now have access to our in-office infrared sauna. Infrared heat has unique benefits as it raises the body’s core temp from the inside out, unlike standard dry saunas. More on those benefits coming up

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